Koko Black, Lygon St.

Koko Black

Koko Black is an establishment that is exempt from the Melbournian contempt for chain eateries – and for good reason. It’s hard to fault a place that produces chocolate indulgence of this quality.

The landmark salon is on Lygon St. although there are instances of Koko in the City, Camberwell and Doncaster.

On a cold winters evening, I decided to venture out and find some dessert, Koko Black was suggested and the quest began. After trekking it over to Lygon Street, I ordered a cinnamon Belgian hot chocolate and the Chocolate Assiette. The Assiette included a mini chocolate and caramel tart with gold leaf atop, a slice of chocolate pudding and a chocolate cone filled with chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate Assiette

The chocolate caramel tart was quite good, but dulled in comparison to the other two samples. The pudding was great, balanced perfectly by the hot chocolate and the best of the three was the cone. It was delicate with white chocolate highlights filled with velvety chocolate ice cream.

This visit to Koko Black resulted in a chocolate high, a chocolate buying obsession and a craving that I fear may never be suppressed.

The hot chocolate is something worth going out of your way for. Perfect with cinnamon I might add.

Koko Black is also hosting some Winter Evenings events which sound awesome!


Don’t go. Try it. Must go.

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