Pizza Religion, Hawthorn

I had read a lot about PR and was hopeful to find a pizza place that I didn’t have to travel far to enjoy. I ordered the mushroom, taleggio, caramelised onion and balsamic and my friend ordered the ham and pineapple. Well, I think she got what she deserved… Who decided putting whole shortcut rashers of bacon on pizza: a) looks good and b) is practical? (Maybe those who actually eat pizza with a knife and fork…I don’t know) This pizza ended up half eaten, and when we arrived home and were going to put it aside for another day, we both looked at it, then at each other and promptly discarded it into the wheelie bin.

Anyway, on to the base. This pizza base is average and I’m trying to describe it without it sounding like a double entendre. Oh F*#k it, the base has a nice thickness, not too thin, not too thick but is a tad soggy and not even a little bit crisp on the bottom – which I think is what every good pizza maker should be aiming for.

Now for the positive. The mushroom, taleggio pizza topping I had was amazing, it was a journey, it was fantastic, an emotional rollercoaster and any other reality tv, feelgood descriptive you want to throw in there to explain how good it was. I will no doubt borrow this topping idea and throw together a similar rendition in the future.

So I think the spirit of this place is there. I think the guys there are giving it a red hot go and I don’t mean to discourage them at all. There’s definite potential here. The base just needs to be sorted. Oh and please throw ham and pineapple off the menu…

Don’t go. Try it. Must go.

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One Comment on “Pizza Religion, Hawthorn”

  1. Roc
    November 17, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

    Hi, if you are looking for a true pizza, try woodfire cafe pizzeria in ivanhoe. They also abide to the association’s rules, but not as strictly, and surprisingly the final product is quite different to the of 400 gradi…

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